Mastering Google AdWords For Better PPC Results

The excellence in results which one achieves from any process depends upon mastering the art. If you know the tips and tricks of the activity you are performing, then that is what differentiates an amateur from an expert.

When it comes to online marketing whether it’s the link building companies or PPC providers, all rely on experts to offer quality service and results. Speaking of PPC marketing, a marketer needs to be a master of Google AdWords to generate the best results. The lines below give the tips for mastering Google AdWords for PPC purpose.

1. Search Query Report Familiarity:

A PPC marketer should have a thorough understanding of analyzing the search query report. A thorough analysis of this report can prove beneficial in two regards:

New Negative Keywords- The advertisers that ignore the importance of search query report would stay in oblivious of the irrelevant keywords that trigger their ads. Therefore, to ensure effective targeting by finding the right negative keywords, the advertiser should know analyze the search query report.

New Keywords- By analyzing the search query report, an advertiser can get an insight on broad matches that trigger clicks. Thus by using such broad matches as keywords, the advertisers can increase traffic and clicks.

2. Relevance Focused:

The success of a PPC campaign greatly relies on how relevant the campaign is. There must be strict relevancy between the factors such as:

  • Keywords
  • Content of landing page
  • Ads text

The relevancy factor affects the Quality score of a campaign. The more relevant the campaign is, the clicks it would receive most probably would generate decisions on part of user, thus leading to a higher Quality score.

3. Sufficient Data To Be Analyzed:

The key to better results is good data analysis. Therefore, if you need quite sufficient amount of data to get the most apt information. The tip to get maximum data, is by bidding high initially, so that you get in the top 3 positions, which would give you access to plenty of data on the basis of which you can optimize your campaign. Once you get hold of the data, then the following steps are to be followed:

  • In the data you must keep an eye on the figures of Value per conversion and CPC.
  • Set your bidding on the grounds that it meets the CPC, which would be about 50% of the VPC.
  • Optimize the ads and improve rate of conversion.

However, for a niche based campaign, getting data would be quite time consuming and difficult as it takes a lot of time due to low search volume.

4. Ad Groups Splitting on Frequent Basis:

If a business is offering a variety of products or services, then it needs to create different ad groups for each of the product or service. Don’t put all your keywords in a single ad group; rather create a different ad group for each of the offerings. Once different ad groups are created, keep on shuffling them so that the campaign does not get monotonous.

5. Keep Track of Actions:

A pay per click services provider keeps track of its actions, so that the implications of the action could be better understood. Google analytics is the best tool to be utilized for this purpose.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, without mastering the tips and tricks of Google AdWords, no PPC manager can yield the maximum results. Therefore, a PPC marketer needs to understand the different areas of AdWords for better results.