New Reverse Phone Lookup Screens Callers and More

In the past, caller ID was the best thing to happen to home phones in decades. Since then reverse number look-up services popped up and offered a way to see who called when they call your cell phone. Now they have taken it a step further to offer extensive criminal background checks just by knowing their phone numbers. Now you will not only know who called you, but whether or not you should call them back based on their criminal backgrounds.


The New Service:

This new service is offered by Instant Checkmate, a San Diego based company that offers background checks for individuals over the internet. By using federal, state, and local records, sex offender registries, criminal records and of course public records, you can have an extensive background check delivered to you for a small fee.


In the past you needed to know the person’s name and location. Now you can perform the check with just a phone number. By using reverse lookup, the caller’s information can be found and the background check can be performed. This will enable customers to know everything about the person trying to call and any possible dangers that may come with that person.


Benefits of This New Service:

Though many people may look at this new service as an invasion of privacy, the time is right for the option to know everything about someone attempting to contact you or your family. With the new service, households can determine any threats to their safety before it happens. For instance, if you receive a call from a number that is unknown to you, and the person attempts to gather information about you or your loved ones, you will be able to perform a background check in seconds. This can ultimately save your family from any harm.


As violent crimes, home break-ins, identity theft, and danger to children are apparent risks, the ability to know everything about the person contacting you or your family can offer peace of mind. With reverse lookup technology evolving to include a majority of cell phone providers, those who hide behind their cell phones in an attempt to harm others, will no longer be able to. Even performing a criminal background check from a cell phone number is possible and in many cases more accurate.


Protecting your home and family should be a priority. With the new service from Instant Checkmate, there are more tools available to you. If you are receiving calls from someone you don’t know, gather as much information as you can and identify the threats before it is too late.

Victor Converse is a private investigator and freelance blogger for reverse phone – one of his favorite tools for finding out what he needs to know in the information age.