Incorporate SMS into Your Content Testing and Deliverables Strategy

When considering where you want your business to be, what tools do you use to ensure the right content is delivered to the right client, at the right time, while tested in order to ensure quality? You have to understand strategies and the tools to achieve success are built around your audience, investors and content. Traditional marketing campaigns revolve around email marketing strategies and social media strategies.

What tools are you using to break away from traditional marketing campaigns? If you are using the same methods you did when you first started your business, you will not have the ability to compete. In technologically charged societies, you need to incorporate SMS marketing into your content and deliverables strategies in order to fully embrace all facets of your business.

Research Strategies

Although testing your marketing strategies is not a new concept, your business needs to ensure that the research is performed on the front end. If not, you will surely end up behind the proverbial curve. The process begins with sessions stating the purpose of your campaign and the end-result. You have to take a high-level overview of your campaign, ensuring all of the details and possible setbacks are laid out.

Take a look at where your content is now and where you want it to be. Ask questions regarding the functionality, features and delivery processes. When the research stage is complete, you have a better understanding of how you need to move forward with your campaign.

Testing Strategies

How will you deliver the message to your customers and other businesses? Several businesses utilize the approach of creating digital labs to analyze their marketing strategies. The labs explore the trends in the market; create a functional prototype that benefits the company, investor and ultimately the customer.

The marketing efforts which are seeing the highest return are mobile platforms. This is mostly because mobile devices and “smartphones” are a staple in every community across the globe. The mobile platform is seeing tremendous growth and is simply transforming how businesses market to customers.

Customer-focused marketing

The goal of any effective SMS marketing campaign is to engage the customer and drive traffic to your business. In order to effectively transform your marketing campaign, your customer must be involved from the research stage to the delivery of the final product. How do you incorporate your customer? Simply put, test your campaign prior to delivery. Utilize social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to increase the reach of the conversations. When customers tell you what they want and expect, then you have a more viable product.

Integration Factors

When you have researched your campaign and sent the product to testing, the next phase is to integrate. Companies using this type of integration have seen returns upward of 100%. Is the process just for large companies? No. The reason being is that a multi-channel approach allows business of all sizes to have a far greater reach.

In a technologically advanced society, your business must be willing to progress past traditional forms of marketing such as advertising campaigns, newsletters and multi-channel social media campaigns. In order to succeed, look at the landscape of IT and see where you want your business to be in 5, 10 or 15 years. Are you using SMS marketing in your content and deliverables strategy? If not, you’re behind the rest of the field without much of a chance to catch up.

About the Author: Joseph Baker is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. A graduate of the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, he enjoys writing about business and professional development.