Best Practices for Online Shopping

Online shopping has forever changed the way we look at making purchases. Whether you live in the middle of nowhere Nebraska or the heart of Manhattan, the latest fashions, best new tech gadgets, and even an assortment of chocolates for Mother’s Day can all arrive at your door with the click of a mouse. Plus, with benefits like the ability to shop in your pajamas at 2AM while potentially saving the environment, who doesn’t love online shopping?

Whether you are a novice or a pro at making great online purchases, here are a few tips to get the most out of your experience.

Find and use promo codes

Promo codes are the new age coupon. From percentages off to free shipping to free samples, promo codes from your favorite stores can save you a bundle when shopping online. Some sites share their recent promo codes right on the page. Other times you have to do a little digging. Fortunately there are plenty of great sites to seek out great new promo codes.,,, and all help you find coupons and promo codes from brand name stores like Best Buy, Apple, and Kohl’s. Deals range in value and some expire quickly, so be sure to take advantage of deals that entice you in a timely manner.

Sign up for mailing lists

Want to avoid spending time searching for promo codes? Then do the next easiest thing: have them delivered straight to your email inbox. Get on mailing lists of your favorite stores to get the inside scoop on the latest promo codes and sales. Some coupon code sites also offer email list sign-ups to stay in the know of what’s available in the online shopping world.

Scout local deals

Just because you’re shopping online doesn’t mean you can’t find local deals. shows you all of your weekly local ads in one convenient place. Daily deals site like Groupon or Dibbsly, which is currently in Beta, will help you scope out additional local deals in your neighborhood.

Compare prices

In-store shopping makes it difficult to immediately compare the price of a pair of running shoes with the store on the other side of the mall. But online shopping makes it easier than ever to find who has the best deals on the products you’re looking to buy. Check out sale comparison sites like Shopzilla help you the most wallet-friendly price for your current must-have item.

Be safe

Online shopping isn’t a sketchy endeavor, but it’s still important to remember to play it safe. The greatest deal in the world may not turn out to be so fabulous if it means credit card theft. Shop from stores you know and trust or places that have legitimate methods for processing credit cards, like PayPal. The Federal Trade Commission reminds not to email or provide personal financial information to a store, especially in exchange for supposedly free products. Be sure to check your credit card or bank accounts frequently to make sure transactions are as they should be. With these tips and a fraud-conscious mind, you’ll be good to go!