Five Reasons of Terrible Website Design

Web designing has become a common demand now as people want to have online presence of their businesses. However, many factors need to be considered to get a good web design. Hiring a professional web design company play a great role in successful website design. Many times, it happens that web designers made bad web designs. Various reasons are associated with it. Here are some reasons of bad website design.

Enormous Work Burden:

Web designers have too much workload as a result they spend less time than required for the web design. Many steps are involved in web designing and this lengthy process takes a lot of time of the designers. Designing process include research, card sorting, paper prototypes, wireframes, usability testing and many other things. They need to do work on managing web properties, and development projects, and many other tasks that require much time. They remain unable to manage all this workload due to handling of many projects in a single time. That results in bad website design.

Not Enough Time:

Website designers do not have enough time to manage the projects. They received many projects at a time that make difficult for them to manage as a result poor web designs come in front.

The HIPPO Factor:

Some Stakeholders pay attention to content and user goals, while others on web design, color scheme, branding and other things. They bring it back to the drawing board apart from its good functioning from user’s point of view. This difference results in different outcomes.

Lack of Talent and Expertise:

Each member of a web designing team may not be professional. They may make certain mistakes in designing websites due to lack of experience that results in poor web designs. Therefore, it is quite necessary to make sure before handling the project that the team of web designing company consists of experienced persons.


New technologies keep on emerging, but not all best web design companies follow them. Latest content management systems are there that make the websites worthy, but not all companies use it. Sometimes, limitations in technology make the website difficult to manage and improvements are required. Significant investment and time is needed to make the websites functional.

To avoid bad designs, many things are needed to be considered. Make sure that the company you are going to select can easily manage the workload and have experienced experts that could easily handle the projects. Confirm from them about the time of delivery of their work and keep in touch with them so that you could get the desired output at pre decided time. Make the web design company clear about your demands before handling them the project. Before selecting web Design Company, ask from their clients about their work and check their own website. If you find it worthy, you can give your project to them.