5 Apps for Mobile Apartment Hunters


With rental properties in high demand, those looking for apartments are utilizing every method of searching available. With apps popping up every day, smartphone users are able to find their new home no matter where they are. In most cities around the world, apps are available to allow users to find the right apartment for them. If you use your smartphone for everything, here are a few apps for the apartment hunter that may help in your search.



If you are in a neighborhood you like and want to see if there are any available apartments, this app can help you find out. The app searches the local listings for the neighborhood from various different sources and gives you the information on available rentals. Now you can find a new home based on location easier than knocking on doors or searching through countless newspaper listings.


Apartment Search-Nearby:

This app is much like PadMapper. It also searches local listings for areas you are near and lets you see the available rentals. If you are interested in finding a new home and know what area you would like to live in, this app can find your new apartment for you.


Apartment Rentals Search:

It appears that GPS is used in many apartment hunting apps and this one is no different. It uses the GPS in your phone to find the neighborhood you are in and list the available apartments near you. The only difference between this app and the others is that it is only available in Canada.


Trulia Real Estate:

This app goes above and beyond the other apps, which is why it was voted as one of the best property apps available. It will still find the rentals available near you, but also homes that are for sale. You can keep it looking near you, choose your neighborhood, or even search listings across the US. This is the perfect app for those who may be considering relocating to other parts of the country.



Anyone who has ever looked for an apartment has looked through the pages of the Apartment Guide. This small book has been digitized into an app for those looking for a new place to live through their phones. You can search through the same listings found in the printed guide with just a tap of the finger. It allows you to search locally or nationwide.


Finding a new place to live can be a time consuming task. If you are using the internet, newspapers or magazines, you can find it difficult to get the right apartment in the right neighborhood. With these amazing rental apps you can take advantage of your phone and find the apartment in the location you want, just by being in the neighborhood.

David Haynes is a writer who searched for the Lettings Bristol had to offer when choosing his home.