7 Simple Tips to Increase iPhone Battery Life

Apple created a revolution in field of telecommunications when it brought out the iPhone. Although the world lapped up the offering, there were certain disappointments with the gadget. Most notably – Apple iPhones are infamous for their notoriously low battery life. However, this is no reason to disregard the numerous benefits that the gadget provides.

7 Simple Tips to Increase iPhone Battery Life

As for the battery, there are ways in which you can get the battery to run longer. Let’s see:

Don’t wait till the battery dies

One of the most basic rules that is mostly disregarded is to charge the phone frequently. Waiting until the battery is dead reduces its autonomy drastically within a few months. Ideally, you need to recharge the battery when it is down to 40%. Keep filling it up before it is dry and you will find it running satisfactorily longer.

Keep the background dark

A simple and basic way of increasing the battery life of your phone is to keep the background dark. Black is the best color to choose because darker your background, lower is the power needed to keep it running. Conversely – lighter the color, higher will be the battery consumption. Avoid bright yellow background because it takes up maximum power. Also, always keep screen saver mode activated for continuously saving power and reduce brightness of the screen.

Do you really need your phone to vibrate?

If you don’t, remove the vibration phone immediately. The battery consumed when the phone vibrates is more than double than when the vibration mode is deactivated.

Try and manage without adobe flash player

While it is true that a smart phone is all about using the internet, you might have to make some compromises with your usage pattern. Disable all flash functions… however, consider the repercussions. Firstly, you will not be able to open certain sites that are programmed using flash and you might not be able to play a lot of games. On the good side, your battery life increases substantially. As for the Flash function, you can always use the computer for them. The choice is yours. So, take your pick.

Remove unnecessary apps and widgets

It is nice to have a functional phone. With over 250,000 apps available in the Apple app store, it is definitely tempting to load your phone with apps. However, many of these apps and widgets run in the background and consume power continuously. Subsequently, your battery goes kaput within a very short while. So, visit the control panel of your phone and delete apps and widgets that are not in use.

Use wi-fi, Bluetooth and tracking systems only when needed

These applications take up a lot of battery even when you are not using them. So, put them off when not in use. Moreover, keeping them on is a threat to your phone security as well.

Following simple guideline and maintenance rules can substantially increase the life of your smart phone battery. Also, it is a good idea to replace phone battery after two years of use in order to get rid of the problems regarding short battery life.

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