What to Look For in a Home-based Business Opportunity

What to Look For in a Home-Based Business Opportunity

If you’re reading this you’re likely looking to (or are at least thinking about) starting up your own home-based business. You’re also likely getting opportunity after opportunity thrown in your face, not knowing who you should trust. Are there legitimate home based businesses out there? Of course. There are some great online business opportunities and there, and there are plenty of real people currently thriving in the industry. However, as you may have guessed, there’s also a lot of crap. I’ve created the following list to serve as a general guide in helping you determine whether you’re dealing with a genuine online business opportunity or not.

1) Does It Have a “Get Rich Quick” Feel To It?

Get rich quick opportunities simply do not exist in the online business industry (or generally anywhere), and if you’re being promised such, move on right away. There is no “one secret” that any company has that you can utilize to get rich quick. The truth is, it simply takes a good business model, some training, and some hard work to succeed. Can you make a lot of money in a short amount of time in this industry? Yes definitely, but as I stated above it’s going to take some hard work and ongoing effort from you… there is no system out there which will get you rich with little or no effort, so simply don’t believe the hype.

2) Will You Be Provided With Any Training?

Most people entering this industry have no previous training on how to run or market their online business. If this is you, how are you going to get started? Has your company provided you with any training? Sure it’s possible to educate yourself, but do you want to be wasting your time and money trying to figure out what to do? Ensure you’re going to be provided with the training you need or order to succeed so you’re not stuck in a dead-end.

3) Will You Be Provided With A Personal Mentor?

This definitely isn’t a necessity, but it can be hugely helpful. Studies have shown that one of the quickest ways to finding success in any venture is to work with a mentor. Company training is great, but having access to a personal mentor to answer your questions and walk you through certain steps can be invaluable.

4) How Much Does It Cost?

Opportunities that are free or very low cost generally fall into the “get rich quick” category. The same principle that applies to any business applies here… “it takes money to make money”. If your goal is to become wealthy, you are not going to do it by investing $10. Traditional “brick and mortar” businesses can cost literally a couple hundred thousand dollars to start, and many people are willing to invest such money. Just because an opportunity exists online (i.e. isn’t “brick and mortar”) doesn’t mean it’s worthless and doesn’t require a serious investment (a genuine online opportunity will of course not cost a few hundred thousand dollars, or anything close to that, but it will cost you more than $10).

So, if you’re truly serious about changing your life and starting your own home-based business, seek out a genuine opportunity, put down some well-invested money, work hard, and you’ll be on your way online success.

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