Home Business Opportunity – Why Network Marketing

In larger than ever numbers product manufacturers with newly innovative, safe consumable products that are superior in quality are choosing the Network Marketing model business structure as their distribution method. It creates a clientele of home business owners that share the business concept with other prospective home business owners and sells product directly to valued consumers that do not have the aspirations for becoming a business owner.

The manufacturer takes the risk, because it is operating colossal production facilities that are very expensive to maintain, while the home business owner has very little overhead, and can begin part time. By sharing the business opportunity with others, the Network Marketing members are able to grow their business in multiple levels or become a big business, while small in physical size.

The manufacturer is already rich. The days of convincing big banks that you have, to coin a phrase, built a better mouse trap is in the past, and it takes millions to build out a mass production facility. Traditionally a manufacturer would follow this up with corporate offices worldwide, and develop advertising campaigns to promote the product. By using the Network Marketing business distribution method, the advertising responsibility is passed down to the home business owner. The home business owner not only advertises the product for sale and commission earnings, they too advertise the home business opportunity.

Network Marketing is the modern day name for Multi Level Marketing. The original name was established for the reasons within the aforementioned paragraph. You build your business upon multiple levels. Commissions on sales and bonus incentives can earn you a substantial income, but building a business of multiple levels creates leverage income and leverage income has the capacity to create wealth.

Network Marketing did not conceive the concept of leverage income. Leverage income streams are the backbone of capitalism. Generations of wealth is passed down by the rich through ongoing leverage duplicating income streams. Network Marketing opens these doors of opportunity to anyone whose wish it is to pursue it.

Thanks to the advent of the internet Network Marketing is no long constrained to being a word of mouth business. Network Marketers now have at their disposal a means to compete with the big advertisers through websites, and search engines. The learning curve is minimal and the information is freely available. Add a few more terms to you vocabulary if they don’t already exist, such as SEO (search engine optimization) and PR (page rank) and you are on you way.

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