The recent uploads of the phone 5 casings have yet again grabbed our attention. The case is being studied to imagine what exactly the phone might come out to look like. These cases are fairly much rounder. Many suspect that the phone will be something exactly like the iPad 2 but with a much rounder casing.

Some actually believe that these cases are not for the coming phone but just another scam loitering the internet. However, we have reasons to believe that they might very well be the cases of the next generation phone and will be available in the market right after the launch of the new phone. Some of these cases have places for the home button which brings back some old rumors and makes it a little difficult to decide whether these are in fact cases for the new generation phone or just a few new cases there for the phone 4. Many find it suspicious that the cases have been released just before the launch of the phone. Is this yet again a scheme to create more hype for the phone or something that is indeed quite factual and should be taken seriously.

However, having said that the button hole on the casings to appear to be slightly larger. This may be a designs but it could also mean that the home button has been changed and now appears bigger and possibly more stylish.

In the past phone has gotten some hype but the ratings fell quite suddenly and Apple faced a sort of publicity issue. This time around it seems that the bus has been recaptured and that could possibly due to the rumors that at points have sounded way to over the top to be considered true. May be this is some strategy the company has adopted to bring in the it factor that once caused this company to shoot up to the top. Indeed the revealing of the phone 5 will be a spectacular event that possibly everyone would want to witness. The excitement has been proven through surveys and the many people who have caused a huge demand for the phone. It is obvious that due to this excitement some people might just buy the phone even if it was something that never actually crossed their mind. Let’s hope Apple sees a good year in the light on this device.

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