Kindle DX (Graphite) Review

If you’re an avid EBook reader, holding a huge collection of books and intending to have them all in one place, you definitely need an EBook reader, and that too with lots of space. A good choice is Kindle’s DX e-reader. Just to prove our point right, here’s our Kindle DX (Graphite) Review.

The Kindle DX is the remake of Amazon’s previous Kindle eBook series, entailing a 9.7 inches screen display (means less page turns) and 4 gigs of internal memory (enough to store 3500 eBooks). Inclusion of the popular E-Ink technology makes the words appear rather crisp and clear, giving a relief to its users. The reader is sleek with a plastic front and a rather slippery back. You’d probably want to purchase a cover or a skin for a better grip. Moreover, there’s a QWERTY keypad at the front and some side menu keys as well. The keypad buttons are extremely small, but since they’re placed at a good distance, they won’t be much of an issue to use.

The Kindle DX supports 3G wireless connectivity (no Wi-Fi) through which you can purchase and download eBooks straight onto your device. Unfortunately, Kindle DX does not support Adobe’s ePub format, limiting your book purchases to Amazon’s own book store only. If you like to keep your options open and want to search for books from the library as well, Kindle is not for you. But not to forget, Amazon’s book store holds above 620,000 titles and periodicals available, offering the reader a lot to choose from. You can also use the USB cable that comes along, to transfer your downloaded books from your PC to Kindle.

It runs for 2 weeks after charge, if you keep the 3G wireless off and 1 week if the 3G wireless connectivity is kept on. The reader supports 8 font sizes for books only and a one type default font. Kindle will automatically turn off if it’s inactive for 20 minutes, supporting text to speech functionality in male and female voices equally, unless the eBook publisher has forbade it. It contains built-in speakers to play audio books and MP3’s and you can also use headphones to listen. PDF’s can be zoomed into, but their font size remains same. It comes with a built in browser and a dictionary. OS supports both Windows and Mac.

Final Verdict
Although, the Kindle DX does not come with a touch screen unlike many modern e-readers, it is still a decent device. It can be yours for $379 and the only color available is Graphite.

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