Authorized Retailers of Cable TV Providers Are a Huge Opportunity for Technology Era

If you’re passionate about cable TV, why not thnk about becoming one of teh country’s  authorised cable providers? The opportunities for franchised provision of major cable network services are huge. Everyone weatches TV every day – or as near to it as makes no odds statistically – which means there’s a permamenet and generally growing market for you to tap into.

So how do you get to become an authorised cable providers? Well, you do what any franchise business does. You contact the company that owns the signal and you make inquiries about the opportunities it offers for contract cable provision.

In order to do that you’re going to need a working business plan, financial backing and of course teh skills to carry out the project you are dreaming up. Cable providers don’t just pop out of the ground or materialise out of thin air. You have to know how to run a business; and if you’re going to be doing it hands on, you have to be a trained and licensed cable installation operative.

Some of the biggest cable providers work by franchise rather than employing people direct: so you can become a Comcast “cable guy” or a Verizon installer, for example, without actually picking up your cheque from the company whose signal you are routing. You charge teh customer and take the money – and pay an annual rent to the cable provider that you install for.

With the variety of cable and internet services being offered by the big guns in the marketplace, there’s a seemingly endless amount of work for authorised providers. Customers are starting to enjoy the benefits of trip[le pronged service packages, which combine phone, internet and TV delivery into a single manageable payment – and which have the capability to make the phone, the net and the TV service enhance each other.

The internet is on the verge of its next phase of evolution. We don’t use it as a resource anymore, so much as use it to power and store our resources. That’s a mildly tricky concept to get your head around, I know (it can seem like a simple piece of definition-based pedantry but it isn’t, it’s a shift in the landscape of internet use) so I’ll try to explain better:

Cable providers aren’t giving you access to a library of websites, or even a virtual street full of websites anymore. What they are doing is opening a door into a whole new world. Cyberspace isn’t somewhere you go to for a particular activity or service anymore. It has become the power that runs those activities and services – which you enjoy from the multiple platforms of all teh communications devices you own and interact with.

That means plenty of work for cable providers – and plenty more to come, as the technology of connection gets ever more powerful and complicated. Complicated in terms of how it works, that is – for the end user, the more powerful the net gets, teh simpler it is to access and live in.

It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a revolution. If you’re thinking of becoming a cable provider, now is the time to do it.

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