HP Pavilion dv6

The HP Pavilion dv6 is a true laptop for the buyers. The thickness of this laptop has been noted as 1.25 inches. Although you may not feel the actual thickness of this laptop when you see in the beginning however it is thicker than usual laptops. The laptop has been provided with the keyboard of full size. In addition, the display available in the laptop is 15.6 inches in size. The battery time offered by this laptop is 5 hours which is though not very good but still fare enough. The laptop has scored with 117 marks in the WorldBench 6 which is quite appreciable. The price of this laptop is around $800 which is worth the performance delivered by it. The processor available in this laptop is Core i5-2410M of Intel Sandy Bridge dual-core. The DDR3 memory provided in it is 6GB. In addition, the laptop has been constituted with graphics chip of 6490M Radeon HD.

The weight of the laptop is 5 pounds, 12 ounces but still it is quite sound. The hard drive of the laptop is 640GB with 5400-rpm. Although capacity is good enough but still it would not deliver the performance expected from it. This resolution of the screen of this HP Pavilion dv6 is 1366 by 768. This resolution is quite usual in the laptops that fall in the category of all-purpose laptops. The touchpad available in the laptop is quite impressive. It would not respond if the palm is touched while you are working which is a great plus point. However the touchpad seems to be puzzled in enlargement and scrolling while you are browsing on the internet. The keyboard present in this laptop is nice and responsive. It would allow the user to type on it much comfortably. The gaps between the keys make the typing between the words easy and smooth. The internet connectivity options are limited in this laptop. It does not possess the Bluetooth. In addition, the laptop also lacks in it the support for 3G/4G. However, it does have the gigabit Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi 802.11n in it. In this laptop, there is a slot present for the SD cards. /in addition, the laptop has been provided with the ports for HDMI and VGA on its left side. Overall there are four USB ports available in this laptop, out of which two supports the USB 3.0 and two are for USB 2.0.

If you wish to play videos on it, you would find it nice and supportive. The color combination while playing the movie would be appreciable and impressive. In addition, the sound quality of this laptop becomes fine after the support of the software’s available in it. However there has been extreme disturbance in the speakers noted while the audio was being played. On the whole, the laptop is a nice performer. If the user wishes to have some extra facilities and is ready to pay for those, then this would be a nice option to go for.

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