Sitting Can be Risky Business – Tips on How to Sit For Good Health

The way you sit may be causing you health trouble. Back ache is often the result of poor sitting posture, but lately even the chair you sit on can cause the problem.

For sure you want this monkey off your back, for good – right? Back pain is disabling; it can alter moods easily when it strikes, and it can ruin dates. Now, count that last one as the worst effect of back ache!

Seriously, back ache is something that you should deal with by the horns – immediately. It is a symptom of many ailments, therefore you should consult a medical practitioner BEFORE you attempt on dealing with it by alternative means.

Deal with the Chair

If you are sitting long hours before your desk, back pain is not your strange bed-fellow; in fact, most back pain sufferers have reported to be working 8-10 hours straight on their PC, daily.

This gives you the grim picture of how bad back ache gets for these people, if they sat too long on chairs not suited for them.

Not All Chairs are the same

Ergonomic chair is not everyone’s chair. It has adjustable settings that you can use to “customize” the chair depending on your body height. Your feet should lay flat on the floor when you are seated; “just any chair” does not have settings that will allow you to elevate or lower the chair to meet this criterion.

Ideally, an ergonomic chair should have lumbar support fitted on the arch of your lower back to give your body the support it needs as you sit long hours at work. Non-ergonomic chairs do not have this feature, the main reason why it is too stressful for your back if you were to sit long hours on this type of chair.

With all the benefits that your body, your back most especially, can derive from using an ergonomic chair, there is no reason you should skip from investing in one.

The little extra you put in pales in comparison to the expense of pain relievers, doctor’s fees and other related costs that come along when your chronic back ache becomes more disabling as it gets worse.

The following tips may also help you avoid back ache:

1. Sit straight against the back rest of your chair. If necessary to shift weight a little forward, or sideways, make sure that you don’t do this repetitively, as this may cause stress-related injuries.

2. Avoid reaching out for things that you need frequently by organizing your desk in a manner that limits this repetitive action.

3. Do not sit on your chair for long hours, save for a few minutes on a bathroom call. You need to walk around, stretch your leg muscles and relieve stress building on your shoulder blades.

4. Avoid crossing one leg over another for long periods as this limits blood flow to your legs and feet. Leg cramps are as bad as back ache.

5. Sit on ergonomic chair.

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