Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School Vikas Marg Delhi

Bal Mandir, when translated literally means the children of the Temple of God. It’s a wonderful name to have for a school that believes that work is worship. The philosophy of the school is that “If indiscipline can bring down one in others eyes, discipline can put you on a pedestal.” Bal Mandir is a Co-educational school that caters to the educational requirements from nursery to senior secondary of the children in the Vikas Marg, West Delhi area.

This English Medium school is affiliated to the CBSE and is recognized by the Directorate of Education. Hindi is taught as the second language.Bal Mandir strives to provide educational experiences which will enable individuals to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their development. The aim of the institution is to train the students to become useful citizens and to inculcate in them habits of pity, virtue, discipline and self efficiency. The infrastructure of the school consists of a big Playground where the children can play outdoor games like Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, football and Kho-Kho.

The children in the areas surrounding Vikas Marg are picked up from their houses as early as 7 a.m sharp by the school transport to attend school that functions from at 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.The school infrastructure consists of well furnished laboratories, installed with the most modern equipment. There are four laboratories on the whole ranging from the science laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology and computers). The laboratories are well illuminated, spacious and well ventilated. There are charts hung on the walls to inform students about the precautions to be taken while in the laboratory.

The school lays equal importance on the extra and co-curricular activities just as much as it does on academics. It is for this reason those activities such as, Craft, Music (both instrumental and vocal), Dance and forms of Martial arts such as, Karate and Judo Karate are taught to maintain a healthy balance of development.The teachers at Bal Mandir, carry with them years of teaching experience and use innovative methods of teaching to stimulate an environment conducive to learning.

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