A Review On The Rocketfish Digital Wireless Speakers RF-WS01

A good set of external speakers can really transform the way you experience sound while watching a movie, listen to music or any other occasion where good quality sound is needed. The only problem is, often times these speakers come bundled with a lot of wiring, which can be convenience especially if you like to maintain a neat environment, or you need your speakers while “on the road”. It is under this type of circumstance that wireless speakers stand out as the next best thing, for those individuals who would rather forgo cumbersome wires and still enjoy surround sound from external speaker systems. The Rocketfish Digital Wireless Speakers RF-WS01 is designed to deliver high quality sound, from a distance of up to 55 feet without being connected to a power source.
The Rocketfish Digital Wireless Speakers RF-WS01 comes as a set of two speakers: a 4 inch woofer and a 1 and half inch tweeter, which will deliver 8W of clear, quality sound. It is beautiful crafted, with a deep black glossy, hidden antennas, and individual volume control buttons. When it comes to sound quality, this set of speakers uses 2.4 GHz transmitter, which can deliver high quality sound thanks to 80Hz 20KHz frequency response, which makes it powerful enough to transmit signals through walls. So you can set up your speakers in different rooms, and get a clear reception as long as they are within the range of the frequency. This sound quality is further reinforced at high notes, thanks to 80db sensitivity.
This set of wireless speakers is compatible with most audio devices, such as MP3 players, as long as they have RCA connectivity. Our only contention with this set of speakers is their size, which at a towering 12” inches in height and 3.5” inch, does make them to be larger when compared to its compatriots. They are also somewhat bulky, weighing approximately 7.5 pounds. The Rocketfish Digital Wireless Speakers RF-WS01 is equipped with an auxiliary jack and head phone jacks. So if you want to listen to music in your privacy, or have a karaoke party, then you can do so. To power the speakers, you can either use 8c batteries per speaker or through an AC adapter. To make the battery option cost effective, we suggest you consider investing in a pair of rechargeable batteries. It also has a handy LED warning light, to let you know when you’re batteries a running low.

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